Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Birthday To ME!

Thank you friends for your encouragement and patience with me over the last year as I have enjoyed this cookie company endeavor!  I am looking forward to what the next year may bring.  I am enjoying my short break from baking, but am looking forward to jumping in again for the Forth of July.  One of my projects this past month has been to update my photo book and catch up on my blogging.  Over the next couple of months, you will see quite a few catch up posts (including today's).  Hooray!  So if you have been worried that I created a cookie that you missed... worry no more!

SO... since today is my birthday, I am going to post some birthday cookies.  I love cupcake cookies... they are so cute!  I baked these for some dear friends whose daughter was turning one.  They were going to be traveling to celebrate with family, and cookies do hold up for travel way better than cakes or cupcakes!  I made them to coordinate with the paper goods.


~ Sarah

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