Sunday, March 8, 2015

Confessions of a Cookie Baker: Forget Valentine's Day, No Way

My husband and I don't tend to make a big deal about Valentine's Day.  We usually pick up something small for the girls, some balloons from the Dollar Tree, and eat a nice dinner at home, but this year, we were headed out of town to spend some time with Grandma Rose, so I didn't plan anything at all, well, except for the box of Krispy Kreme heart-shaped donuts to eat before we left.

So, I was a bit caught off guard, when Valentine's Day morning, he had a nice card for me.   So, when we stopped for lunch on our road trip, I ran to the Dollar General to "get a hole punch" AND a card.  I found a sweet one that fit the bill perfectly AND a hilarious one I can't get out of my head.  (I should have bought it or at least taken a picture, but I, alas, I did not.)  SO, it said "Me, forget Valentine's Day... No way!  I have a memory like... one of those big grey animals with the long nose."  

So, the point is... Yes, I did bake Valentine's Day cookies.  I WILL share them with you... but first I must confess...  Yes, I DO have a cookie blog.  I haven't been keeping it up for sometime. Truthfully, as more and more time passed, I thought it would be better just to wait until President's Day came around again, and jump back in, so that it wouldn't look like there was a gap, and then I missed President's Day and well, here we are again.  Life has a way of doing that... 

It wasn't PURE laziness on my part.  The truth is I love the blog-writing, story-telling part of my cookie business and have missed it these past, ahem, two years.   Actually, when I first started the cookie company I wouldn't let myself go to bed until I had washed every dish, edited the photos and written and scheduled the blog post, and then I realized my health, both mental and physical, was more important than getting every last detail down for 6 people to read.  AND I have been baking a LOT of cookies, but the nature of my business has changed a little to be more corporate oriented.  I still LOVE the creativity of creating a custom designed cookie that is JUST RIGHT for your special occasion, but the bread and butter (or cookie and icing, hehehe) of my business is now in corporate orders which keep me hopping, baking the same cookie over and over again.  (Not complaining, mind you, just explaining, why I have chosen not to post corporate cookies every week.)  Even my 4 year old can recognize the logo of the companies I bake for and will comment when she sees it when we are out and about!  

So, no, I haven't really forgotten that I have a blog, just like I hadn't really forgotten Valentine's Day. I just didn't take care of business.  Sorry!  

That said...  The good news is... I have quite a few fun cookies that I haven't shared here, that I will share somewhere down the road.  ;^)

So... where was I... oh yeah, Valentine's Day.

This year, I made one set of Valentine's Day cookies.  They were for my daughters' school auction, which was the Saturday before Valentine's Day.  They were pretty simple and straight-forward, because they were intended to appeal to a wide audience to help raise the most money that they could.  

They were individually-wrapped in high-barrier cello and nestled in multi-colored paper shred.  They were placed in a white bakery box and tied with a beautiful red satin bow.  I was pleased that they raised an above value amount for the school!  

All that said, yes, I know it is now March, but like I've always said "Better late than never!"

Happy Valentine's Day!  

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