Thursday, August 2, 2012

Congratulations Graduates!

This spring, I had the privilege to bake cookies for a couple of different graduation celebrations...

The first was a gift basket for a young lady who is heading to K-State this fall.

The second were party cookies for a young lady who will be headed to the University of North Carolina at Chapel-Hill and will be playing for their tennis team!

Until recently, my graduation philosophy is simple - AVOID the BLACK mortarboard at all costs!  In fact, when I made these cookies for my best friend to celebrate her time in college, I told her to just toss the all black mortarboard because the food coloring needed to saturate the royal icing makes it taste so terrible and colors your mouth for hours.
HOWEVER, since I have discovered the beauty of glaze... I now know that there is a yummy alternative.  For some reason, it only takes a drop of food coloring to blacken glaze, and as a result, it doesn't have any impact on the flavor of the icing!  ;^) So, now, the mortarboard is back into the cookie rotation!  And it looks so rich and shinny too! 

Congratulations ladies!
Cheers and Best Wishes!

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