Saturday, July 28, 2012

For Some Awesome Teachers...

This past year, my middle daughter, Curious K. was in the Eager Elephant class at Awesome Kids Preschool.  For teacher appreciation day, we created these cookies to thank her teachers and the school director!

For Mrs. Traynor, the school's Director.

Curious K. loved being an Eager Elephant!
Hearts and "Thank You" Signs


An Awesome Kids Preschool logo cookie with a teacher cookie and a Curious K. cookie.

Curious K with her "Awesome" teachers - Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Lester

These cookies were totally inspired by Tara atThe Shaky Bakerand some wonderful cookies she made for her daughter's school auction!

Did you see the cookies that I made for my oldest daughter, Reader R's teacher appreciation day?

Have a great day!

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