Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day!

If you have been following me for a while, you might know by now that I am not one to be overcome by emotion... (JUST KIDDING!) or to celebrate a random holiday... (gotcha again!), but today is TOTALLY LEGIT!!! I promise! At least for one sweet little girl and her forever family!

Happy "Gotcha" Day, Ava!!!

Today, I am giddy with excitement for a sweet little girl (and thousands like her) will be celebrating National Adoption Day by being legally adopted by their foster families.  While the situations that land children in foster care are atrocious, the loving families that step in to care for these precious children are an amazing blessing.

Whether they are in their care for two days or two years, every child that is placed in a loving home is blessed, but they are far from alone... the foster family is blessed, the extended family is blessed, the covenant family is blessed, the community is blessed.

And then, if it is God's will and the courts allow, sometimes, something REALLY special happens, and that sweet bundle of joy that you never carried in your womb, but have carried in your heart from the moment you got the call, becomes yours... FOREVER!

Congratulations to Ava Jane Vesper and the Vesper Family!  The Roses are thrilled for you all!

You know what they say, "If the glass slipper fits, wear it!"
Did you know that there are over 100,000 children in foster care waiting for permanent, loving homes?  I know that it takes families with a special heart to care for foster children and to adopt.  If you are one, "Thank YOU!"   If you have ever considered foster care or adoption, keep praying and learning and talking to families who have been there.  If it is not at all on your radar, consider encouraging someone who is caring for a foster child or thinking about it.  Shower them with your prayers and your love.


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