Monday, February 18, 2013

"They misunderestimated me!"

President George W. Bush

I recently participated in a President's Day Cookie Collaboration, and by the luck of the draw, I got assigned President William Taft (#27).  I was very excited because I already knew what I wanted to do for President Taft. (To check out my Taft cookies, read "Help! I am stuck in the Bathtub!")

I then proceeded to request President George W. Bush (#43) as well.  "What were you thinking?!?" you might ask.  Honestly, I wanted an excuse to purchase a Texas-shaped cookie cutter.  I figured a baseball would be easy.  I even thought that it would be kinda fun to poke some fun at President Bush's many "Bushisms." (One of the more famous of which were "They misunderestimated me.")

However, I grossly "misunderestimated" how difficult it would be to paint an image of a modern president.  (Not to mention one that I personally liked, but most political cartoonists were not kind to...)  Here are all of my practice cookies... (one of them looked like Howdy Doody and another like Grandpa Munster! ;^))

I also "misunderestimated" how hard it would be for me to cookie W's Presidential career.  I thought about a chalkboard cookie that said "No Child Left Behind" or a playing card cookie with Osama Bin Laddin's photo on it, but when it was all said and done, for me, the defining moment of his career was 9-11.

This cookie was created respectfully to honor those who lost their lives or loved ones on 9-11-2001.  

Image of Fingerprint Presidents of the United States of America

This image was inspired by artist Jason Pruett and his illustration of President George W. Bush, in his book Fingerprint Presidents of the United States of America.  This talented artist did an excellent job with this great book!  Thank you, Jason!

2013 President's Day Cookie Collaboration

AND a huge "Thank You" to Anne Yorks of The Flour Box Bakery for organizing this fun and educational cookie collaboration!  Be sure to visit her blog where she has links to all the cookies and their artists AND interesting tidbits on each of the presidents!

To see a full list of the cookie bakers involved read my post "Hail to the Chief..."

Happy President's Day!

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