Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

My Valentine's Day baking is a little off track this year, since my family has been hit by the plagues (since Halloween between the five of us, we have had bronchitis, pneumonia, sinus infections x4, an ear infection, influenza, strep, the stomach flu, and the mysterious five-day fever,  (and Curious K, who is usually the "sick" one has avoided them all...) and that doesn't count the conversation heart I had to remove from Lil' L's nose the other day.  Stick a fork in me, I am DONE with this winter.

SO, that said.  I have only been baking when we are HEALTHY, which is hardly ever.  But, last week in a fit of baking flurry, I decided to try making "Cake Pops."  Whoa, Nelly! 

For the girls' teachers.

I admire anyone who can make a zillion beautiful cake pops.  I now understand why in her book, Bakerella, says to start with 12.  I couldn't decide which to make, so I made cherry chip with vanilla frosting, red velvet with chocolate frosting, and red velvet with chocolate frosting.  (For you non-cake-pop-bakers, that is enough cake to make 12 DOZEN cake pops, not 12.  WWIT -- What was I thinking?)  Not really a wise choice.  (I now have three half cakes in my freezer, just in case anyone else wants to try to make cake pops... ;^)

My first cake pops. 
Funny thing, the very first one, the wrapped one, turned out the best. They went downhill from there.

What I decided is... cake pops are for kids, but are not made by kids, and I will only make cake pops for someone I really LOVE!   (My 4 year-old, Curious K, has requested "bake pops" for her birthday until she is 10! ) Oey!

For my "sweet" family! 
(Note: Lil' L. will not be allowed anywhere near the regular-sized conversation hearts!!)

And I did squeeze in one cookie order, for a friend who is working to raise money for orphans in Haiti through the Global Orphan Project.  Her daughter, Anna, has a heart for Haiti.  She has also created a CD to raise money and awareness.  Check out Anna's Heart for Haiti website.  Be sure to listen to her CD too!  These treats were a special "Thank you" for her to give some of her recent encouragers and supporters!  Thank you, Kari!

Needless to say, the cupcakes for Reader R's class didn't get done... but at least no one threw up today. ;^) Ah, it is the little things in life...

Happy Valentine's Day!


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