Monday, February 20, 2012

Rainbows, Rainbows Everywhere!

One of my dear friends, Kara,  invited me to be a part of the 1st Birthday celebration for her sweet baby girl! 

My Rainbow Cookie - For more information on the Rainbow Cookie,
check out my "Rainbow Party - A Behind the Scenes Look" post.

It was a rainbow themed party!  I baked the cookies (Thanks Callye  at The Adventures of Sweet Sugarbelle for the tutorial)  and made the rainbow-colored mints that she sent home as party favors. 
Rainbow-colored Mints for Party Favors.

Kara baked cool colorful cakes in jars and made this wooden rainbow puzzle with her girls!

They had a whole rainbow of healthy snacks, too!

Kara did EVERYTHING else to create a wonderful and memorable event... including providing me with these great photos of the party!  She is a great friend and a totally awesome mom to four adorable girls!  She thought of everything!  Here are a few of her great ideas!

I love how she decorated baby K's tray with ribbons!

She did fun rainbow face-painting!

She even rainbow-colored the soap in the bathroom! ;^)

Thanks Kara for letting me be a part of baby K's special day!

Check out this cutie!  A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand! 
Happy Birthday, sweet baby K!

Like anything worthwhile, a lot of love (and work) goes into making it extra-special, check out my next post for a fun, behind-the-scenes look at the making of the rainbow treats.