Friday, April 13, 2012

Go Royals!

Happy Opening Day!

Thank goodness that I have my Facebook friends to share what is going on in the world,
or I would have totally missed this opportunity to share my baseball cookies!

In fact, I was walking through the HyVee this morning and saw these awful looking blue hamburger buns... and wondered briefly what possessed the usually very good bakery department to create such atrocities...
I knew I should have taken a photo.

The truth is... ever since George Brett and the 1985 World Series, I have been a Royals fan.
(But really only a hometown-pride, go-if-the-tickets-are-free or you-get-to-sit-in-the-press-box, 
and stay-until-the-7th-inning-stretch type of fan.)

We did live in St. Louis for three years after we were first married, so I am a closet Cardinals fan too. 
(But really only the when-they-are-about-to-win-the-World-Series kind.)

But to all you REAL fans out there... 
Happy Blue Buns Day!


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