Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Spot of Tea and a Cookie...

I think that I have always been an Anglophile.  I love almost anything British.  I do not care for Mar-mite, "football," or stewed tomatoes with my breakfast, however, studying in Oxford, England as a college student, I developed a love for afternoon tea and biscuits. (Hobnobs are my favorite!)  I have long collected tea related paraphernalia...  I have teapots, tea cups, tea kettles, tea towels, tea strainers, etc. and I also have "several" teapot cookie cutters, SURPRISE!

In fact, I decided recently, if I were a tea pot or a cookie,
I would probably look like this...

This one is my favorite cookie cutters because it makes dainty little cookies which are perfect when you are having a formal tea party with several types of treats!  I made these tea pots for the "Titus 2 Tea & Testimony" lunch at my church a couple of weeks ago.  

We had quiet a spread of scrumptious treats! 

It was a wonderful time of food, fellowship, and sharing God's work in our lives, especially encouraging one another to be godly wives, mothers, workers at home, and sisters-in-Christ.   

These are some "Delft" teapots I made a while back.  I decided to go with the more simple look for this tea party.   Primarily, because I had been up all night the previous night making Jayhawks and Easter cookies for my daughter's school auction. ;^)

This is my favorite teacup.  Actually, I am drinking out of it now...
I brought it (and 11 of it's sisters and brothers) from England in my backpack.
(Thanks Sister Shari for the photo of the tea cup and the spread!)

As a side note, now that I am a grown-up, I primarily drink coffee as my caffeine of choice (because chocolate for breakfast is less socially acceptable).  I started drinking coffee the summer I worked in New York City.  I lived on Staten Island with a cousin, and commuted, by train, ferry, subway and foot, 90 minutes, each way, every day.  (I know it sounds like a "walked both ways, uphill" story, but it is true.)  As a part of my daily commute, I almost always walked through the Duncan Donuts at the ferry terminal and picked up two donuts and a cup of coffee to enjoy during the ferry ride past Lady Liberty.

I do, however, still enjoy a nice spot of tea from time to time.


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