Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy "Buggy" Birthday!

When one of my dear friends called me a while back and requested "Bug" cookies for her darling daughter's 6th birthday, I had visions of pink and purple butterflies and cute ladybugs.  After some initial research I called her back to figure out exactly what she was thinking... "The grosser the better" was the direction I was given! ;^)  Her special birthday girl is a budding entomologist and LOVES bugs!

One thing that we decided on was that for young children, equality in cookie size would be important. An ant cookie and a butterfly cookie could be VERY different size wise... so we decided to make them all circular and then add the bugs on top.

I made these ant and spider cookies a little too realistic... they give me shivers when I look at them.

One of my cookie nightmares is that one morning I will come downstairs and my kitchen will have been invaded by ants crawling all over my cookies!  This cookie is that nightmare come true!
As long as I am confessing, my WORST cookie nightmare is that someone you love will have an allergy we didn't know about and get sick from eating one of my cookies... (that is why I will BUG you to find out if we need to be concerned about any allergies when you place your order.)

My other cookie nightmares include: that I will drop a whole batch of cookies on the floor (which HAS happened, so now I keep extra dough in the freezer in case I have to start over at the last minute);  that I will miscount and not have enough cookies (so I count and count and count); that someone at MY house will eat one of YOUR cookies (so I carefully label all cookie containers "DO NOT EAT!" or "OK to eat."); and that I will spell the birthday child's name incorrectly (so I check and check and check, bake plenty of extra cookies, and charge a little extra, when you have asked for personalization.)

So if you are ever tempted to wonder if I care about your cookies... the answer is "Yes!"  I bake plenty of love and worry (which is almost the same thing) into every batch! ;^)

One of the things that I am happy to do to make the party-planning-parent's job a little easier is to package your cookies with the right number for each party.  Lillian needed 20 cookies for her classroom party at school and 16 for her family party at home.  This way, you don't have to open the box and shuffle them around or worry about have the school class accidentally eat the cookies you meant for the family party.  Just let me know what you need when you place your order.
While I was making this order, I also made a set of smaller "counting" cookies for my girls!

These are the "Special Extra" praying mantis cookies that I made for the birthday girl!  (The one on the left is camouflaged!)

Happy "Buggy Birthday" Lil!
Thank you, Rebecca & Joe!


P.S. - Here is the super cute birthday girl in the AMAZING Praying Mantis costume that her wonderful Momma and Loving Grandmother created for her!  TOO CUTE!

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