Sunday, October 16, 2011

An Apple for the Teacher -
Happy End of the 1st Quarter

It was a perfect fall day to bake some APPLES!  We decided to make these Red Delicious and Granny Smith's as teacher thank you treats to celebrate the end of the 1st Quarter.

Reader R and
her Red Delicious Apples
for Mrs. Cox at HCA!
Curious K and
her curious orange and
lime green apples ;^)
My big girls each got a turn
to decorate their own apple cookies too!

Not only did we make these fun apples, but we also baked a delicious apple crisp with Elliot, the class elephant from Curious K's preschool classroom, along assistance from our own Horton.  So much fun!

(BTW- Those elephants really know their way around the kitchen.  I might have to bring them on as helpers during the Christmas rush! ;^)  Of course, they ate more than their share of the dessert too, so maybe that isn't such a great deal after all.)

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  1. Such a cute post!!!! Love the helper elephants...and apple crisp...YUM!