Thursday, March 8, 2012

Confessions of a Cookie Baker: Food & Photography

My treat for today... A spot of tea and a cookie.

These "Delft" Teapots remind me of my Dutch heritage.

Why, might you ask?  

Well, you know my "big girl" turned two this week.  I thought it would be the perfect time for a photo shoot.  Then I got "brilliant" and thought maybe I should take photos of her eating a "Big Girl" cookie... in her Minnie Mouse costume. Her favorite gift.  Brilliant.  Just brilliant.

Whoa, Nelly, let me tell you, I now understand why photographers give you the evil eye when you walk in with a favorite toy/book/blanket in hand.

After about 15 minutes, two temper tantrums (one from a little-big girl and one from a BIG-big girl), lots of pushing ears back on... and over 200 images later...  this is what I got:
I actually had a really hard time picking just 12 outtake photos to share...

My Sweet Big Girl

I was hoping for the dainty-little-nibble, with the inscription showing, and ears upright.  I got lots of crumbs, falling ears, a wiggly-squirmy little-big girl, black teeth, and "see" food.  I also got, lots of laughs, a big hug (for letting her eat a BIG cookie for a "snack"), some priceless memories, and ONE "good" photo.

So now, I think I might just enjoy my tea cookie and my one good photo, and then go back to taking pictures of cookies.  They sit still. They look good.  They don't chew with their mouth open. ;^)


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