Saturday, March 17, 2012

Painting the Daffs Yellow...

It is Spring Break at the Rose Residence... and with a toilet training toddler, we aren't going anywhere farther than the Chic-Fil-A, which means that we are indulging in quiet a few more movies than usual.

So, this week, my oldest daughter, Reader R, and I watched, "Alice in Wonderland", not the creepy recent one... but this one, that I still remember from when I was a little girl.  Ok, well, it does have some "scary" parts for a 1980's audience, but their "special effects" just made my first-grader laugh.  (It is a LOT more like watching a play than a 2010's movie...).  

So, one of my favorite parts of that movie is the scene where the cards at the Queen of Hearts' castle are painting the roses red, because the accidentally planted white ones.  (As a matter of the record, I totally intended to make, and even cut a White Rabbit cookie and make a Mad Hatter's hat, but being the "good" mommy that I am, I gave that up when Reader R. wanted to decorate with me and gave her my extra hat and ate the rabbit.  If you want to see what I was daydreaming about, but my cookies would never look like, check out these beautiful and inspiring cookies by Alison at Ali Bee's Bakeshop and Callye at the Adventures of Sweet Sugarbelle.)

Well, little did I know that this week I would have the opportunity to do something similar at my home...  You see, I meant to make daffodils for St. Patrick's Day... but when decorating with my daughter, I got struck by a fit of laziness and time constraints of a quickly-ending nap time, and decided to make a daisy instead.  Well.  It was a beautiful daisy.  But daisies don't work for St. Patrick's Day, and when it came time to lay out and take a photo of my cookie platter.  I had a hole, that could only be filled by a daffodil. Grr.  So, due to the inspiration of Arty McGoo and the encouragement of Alison at Ali Bee's, (and the fact that I practiced yesterday on a backpack, so now I think I can do anything... I decided to PAINT my daisy into a daffodil.  AND TADDA!  Here she is... 

(OK, I know she is not a work of art, and I will have to practice, practice, practice, before I could make them for anyone else, but for a former Daisy, I think that she turned out great!)

The Daffodil formerly known as Daisy.

So, you will have to wait, until my St. Patrick's Day post, to see her with her cookie friends...


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