Friday, July 27, 2012

Couture Cookie Collection for Glam Gals

Earlier this Spring, I was challenged by a cookie customer to bake some "Couture Cookies" for her high-fashion friends as party favors for a shopping/beach trip.

As my normal uniform is a pair of jeans and an old sorority t-shirt, this was a both a cultural and cookie stretch for me! ;^)

Thanks to my good friend Google and some AMAZING cookie artists out there, this is what I came up with for her!
All packed up and ready to go to the beach!

The full extent of my "Couture" knowledge was summed up in this Christian Louboutin shoe cookie. Way back in my brain, I had stored an article from the Wall Street Journal about trademarking the color red.   

I also have a relative, my husband's father's cousin's daughter, Whitney, who lives in California, who had these fancy shoes for her AMAZING wedding... that you can read all about on this Every Last Detail post.  (She probably knows someone famous, since she and I are only four degrees of separation apart!)  Modern Elegant Pink & Black California Wedding

But they were to beautiful to try to cookie, so enough about shoes, and more about cookies...

These Chanel logo cookies were copied from Oh, Sugar!  Her amazing Chanel party should not be missed!  She was also smart enough to use royal icing transfers, but I kept breaking mine and just ended up using push pins to mark the ends and the joints of each C and then drawing each one.  (This trick would also work for your Olympic Rings!)  You do have to get it right the first time though, because you CANNOT scrape the black off the white quilting.

I also learned the quilting from two very helpful tutorials:

Since I was covering with white, I didn't draw lines on my cookies.  Instead, I traced the circle on a piece of cardstock and marked my lines with a ruler that extended past the edge of the cookie.  That way, when I was icing, I could visually line up the diagonals to keep my lines straight.

The Louis Vuitton cookies were inspired by this amazing cookie artist: Kava Dolce, which I found on the Art of Cookie website.  (Her bags are AMAZING!  I have no idea how she does those, but with some help from this Luster Dust Tutorial by Hani at Haniela's I pulled these off.  I used a pearl luster dust on the base and a gold on the logo and the  accents.

My customer wanted "Little Black Dress" cookies.  I tried to warn her against the taste of black icing... but she definitely wanted the dresses, so I ventured into more unknown territory and tried my hand at glaze.  So I borrowed a tried and true glaze recipe from my dear friend Shari, and thanks to some encouragement from Cristin at Cristin's Cookies and this WONDERFUL tutorial on glaze with Cristin and Arty MaGoo, I gave it a whirl!

I ended up deciding that I preferred to let the glaze run off the sides and the bottom edge of the cookies so that it would wrap around and look more like a dress.  The best news... glaze only takes a tiny bit of food coloring to get dark black, so they tasted great!

I also gussied them up a bit by adding a tiny ribbon around the waist! ;^)  (That is Kansasan for "making them fancy.")

However, when it comes to beach wear, the big floppy hat and shades are more my style.  I created these as "special extra" cookies for my customer!

While I was at it, I made some flip flops too!  They were a perfect touch for two other projects: one for Teacher Appreciation Week, which I will blog about next time...

... and the other for these adorable "Mother-Daughter Flip Flops" for my flip-flop-loving, glaze-recipe provider, dear friend Shari, who had just finalized the adoption of her foster-daughter Willow!   They are based on my favorite flip flops of the summer from Charming Charlies!

(The big ones were a flip-flop cutter, but I made the little ones out of a jellybean cutter!) ;^)

Have a great day!

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