Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's a GIRL!

Congratulations to Carlene and Josh! Today is their big baby shower for their baby on the way!

Carlene and Josh were pretty confident that they were having a boy... so they were pretty surprised when the ultrasound showed their pretty princess instead! Their good friends are hosting a "Barbie" themed baby shower to help them get used to the idea of all things girly!

These cookies coordinate with the invitations and were a fun way to mix baby and grown-up designs. Although, I did go slightly (more) batty switching back and forth from precise polka-dots to totally random zebra-stripes. ;^)    

I tried one in pink too... This pink zebra was done with a slightly different technique too. The traditional zebra-stripes are created on a completely dry white-iced cookie. I was very concerned about the black bleeding on to the white. This worked really well.

This pink zebra test cookie was done with a wet-on-wet technique, where I laid down the white base and then flooded the pink icing into the wet white icing. It seemed to work pretty well too. It was WAY faster. However, you can see that it did bleed a little bit, and it is a little more tricky to manage exactly where the lines end up.

I was also a little concerned because these cookies were traveling a long way, and due to the customer's travel schedule, she needed to pick up her cookies five days before the party, which meant that I was baking and decorating them more than a week before they would be eaten. I made sure that the cookies were done in time to be SUPER dry and then packed them tightly in a smaller bakery box, so that they wouldn't shift around during travel. I gave Sandra cookie care instructions: Do not leave them in the car. Do not put them in the fridge or freezer... And I saved one for myself to taste this morning, and sure enough, they were still delicious! Yippee!! I hope everyone at the party LOVED them! ;^)

This is the special extra cookie that I made for my friend Sandra, who placed this order. Sandra and Jason to celebrate their third wedding anniversary, so they still in the super-sweet-newlywed phase, but I cracked myself up wondering if she still loves him enough to share her cookie! ;^)

Cheers and Best Wishes! 


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  1. Sarah! Your cookies were perfect in every way! They looked AMAZING and were delicious!!!! Everybody loved them!

    PS: Yes, I did share the wonderful cookie with Jason! :) Still in the sort of newlywed phase :)